About Eastown and the EBA

The Eastown Business Association (EBA) is a membership organization comprised of retailers, restaurant owners, business owners, landlords and others with an interest in preserving and enhancing the unique qualities of Eastown. It was founded as a non-profit group in 1991 under the auspices of the Grand Rapids Neighborhood Business Association (NBA). Membership to the Eastown Business Association is open to anyone with a business or business interests within the district. Dues are $100 per year.

EBA members are active in the development and promotion of the Eastown Business District and works with the City of Grand Rapids to coordinate city services throughout the district. The EBA also works with the Grand Rapids Police Community Service Officer and the Eastown Community Association to coordinate neighborhood improvement programs for both the business district and residential areas.

One of Eastown’s distinguishing characteristics is the active involvement of business and property owners who care about the community. This culture has created a positive and supportive environment in which to live, work, shop, and play. Continue the tradition by being involved. For more information, contact any of the EBA Board Members. For more information on EBA membership, please visit our Become a Member page.