About the Clinic: PT 360 is able to meet all outpatient physical therapy needs.  Patients will receive quality time with a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in a holistic form of manual therapy.  PT 360 will offer several specialized programs including:

  • Spinal Pain Therapy – Manual therapy and exercise for all spinal regions
  • Joint Pain Therapy – Manual therapy and exercise for all painful conditions of the upper and lower extremities
  • Treko Clinics – Sports injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • TMJ/Headache – Treatment for chronic headache and jaw pain
  • ABCs of Balance – Treatment to reduce fall risk for patients lacking proper balance
  • Post-Surgical Rebilitation – Aftercare of total joint replacement or arthroscopy
  • Clinical Research – Rebilitation research with physician collaboration

1502 Wealthy Street SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506